"I’d like to raise both of my middle fingers to him and anyone who thinks profanity is somehow more harmful to our children than images of violence and misogyny." - Happy birthday, M.I.A.!

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Lmfao idk i was doing all this stuff! And gosh the boy was such a bad kisser it makes me gate everything hahahha.
But yeah this stranger offered to smoke me and my friend out and i was down so we did it in his car. Lmfao i coughed sooooo much.
Ty anon

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God can someone please talk to me i need to talk about how gross today was

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me as a parent

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I havent kissed a boy in five years and i dont know if i like boys
It made me kind of sad to kiss him and idk if i feel bored because im not attracted to him or because the kiss was bad

Invitation to an Area night club party. The capsule was placed in water and the invitation appeared. Area was open from 1983 to 1987.

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And i couldnt hitchhike cuz my friend was to scared to come with me.

He was a bad kisser :((((((

Today i shoplifted
Almost hitch hiked
Lost my weed virginity
And called a boy to tell him lets make out for a minute then go home.
This is pretty reckless for me

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